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Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds


Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds

Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds are the secret weapon for gardeners and farmers seeking exceptional yields. This hybrid powerhouse delivers an abundance of large, uniform heads, boasting a minimum 85% germination rate. Its robust root system and disease-resistant nature (including Fusarium wilt and Alternaria black spot) ensure thriving plants throughout the season.

Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds attributes:

  • Ultra-productive: Expect bountiful harvests of firm, crispy cabbage heads.
  • Disease-fighter: Resists common cabbage threats for worry-free growth.
  • Adaptable champion: thrives in various climates and soil conditions.
  • Market-ready beauty: Stunner heads with excellent shelf life, perfect for fresh markets.
  • Culinary star: Sweet and versatile, ideal for salads, coleslaw, stir-fries, and beyond.
Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds


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Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds

Platinum developed the hybrid cabbage variety known as Pride One F1. This type grows well for fresh market products and is disease-resistant. It develops a head that is relatively large and properly covered in light green layers.

Tips For Planting Cabbage
Fill each hole with a seed after digging a 2-3 cm deep hole. To raise the seedlings, you can use nursery bags, sack bags, and surface rubbers. After three to four weeks, move the seedlings to the main field where you are growing cabbage. They should have 4-5 leaves by now or when they are 14–16 cm tall.

The rows should be spaced 45 cm apart, and the gap should be 60 cm. The variety you are planting will also affect how far apart you space them. Early cabbage requires 50 to 70 days, mid-season requires 70 to 90 days, and late-season requires 90 to 125 days.

Water the beds heavily before you plant the crop to make sure there is enough moisture in the soil for the plant to take root. To avoid scorching and heat shock, plant the seedlings in the evening or while it’s cold outside.

The pH of the soil should range from 6.5 to 7.5. The time it takes for different varieties of cabbage to germinate varies from 5 to 17 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds

What are Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds?

Pride One F1 is a popular hybrid cabbage variety developed by Platinum. It’s known for its large, firm heads with light green leaves, making it ideal for fresh market sales.

What are the benefits of Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds?

  • Disease resistance: Resists common cabbage diseases like Fusarium wilt and black rot.
  • High yield: Produces large, firm heads.
  • Early maturity: Mature in approximately 70-75 days after transplanting.
  • Good storage: Stores well, allowing you to enjoy fresh cabbage for longer.
  • Versatility: Suitable for home cooking, salads, and processing.

How do I plant Pride One F1 Cabbage Seeds?

  1. Prepare the seedbed: Ensure the soil pH is between 6.5 and 7.5. Water the bed thoroughly before planting.
  2. Sow the seeds: Dig 2-3 cm deep holes and plant one seed per hole.
  3. Raise seedlings (optional): Use nursery bags, sacks, or surface rubbers for initial growth.
  4. Transplant seedlings: After 3-4 weeks, when seedlings have 4-5 leaves or reach 14-16 cm tall, transplant them to the main field.
  5. Spacing: Maintain 45 cm space between rows and 60 cm between plants. Spacing may vary slightly depending on the specific cabbage variety.
  6. Watering: Water regularly, especially during dry periods.
  7. Harvest: The maturity period can vary depending on the type of cabbage (early, mid-season, or late-season). Early varieties mature in 50-70 days, mid-season in 70-90 days, and late-season in 90-125 days.


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