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Bottle size: 1L

Range: Herbicide

Section: General Weed Killer

Dynamic Ingredients: Glyphosate 360g/ltr

Amount: 12 containers in a container

Target Crops
Rice, Cassava, Yam Sugarcane, Soybeans, Groundnut, Water Mellon, Cowpea, Cotton, Maize, Cocoa, Potatoes, Onion, Pepper, Tomatoes, Sorghum, Oil Palm , Rubber.

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Why Sarosate (Systemic Herbicide):

The dynamic element of Sarosate herbicide is glyphosate. It is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses. The sodium salt type of glyphosate is utilized to direct establish development and mature explicit harvests. It is one of the most broadly involved herbicides in the nigeria. It is applied in agribusiness ranches on weeds.

How does Sarosate Systemic Herbicide function?

It is a non-particular herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. It keeps the plants from making specific proteins that are required for plant development. Its dynamic fixing glyphosate, stops a particular catalyst pathway, the shikimic corrosive pathway. The shikimic corrosive pathway is vital for plants and a few microorganisms.

How should I be presented to glyphosate?

You can be presented to glyphosate, assuming you get it on your skin, in your eyes or inhale it in when you are utilizing it.
You could swallow some glyphosate on the off chance that you eat or smoke in the wake of applying it without cleaning up first.
You may likewise be uncovered assuming you contact establishes that are as yet wet with shower.
Glyphosate isn’t probably going to disintegrate after it is showered.
Guarantee you are wearing on your defensive pinion wheels while splashing or utilizing this Herbicide.

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