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TouchOn Carrot Seeds | Hybrid | 100g


Touchon carrots are viewed as the best of the Nantes-type carrots for new, crunchy eating. Makes all the difference new, coated, or simmered, in soups and stews. Liberated from hard fiber, this sweet and delicate most loved French legacy rapidly develops to around 6″ long and 1″ across.

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TouchOn Carrot Seeds TouchOn Carrot Seeds | Hybrid ...


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TouchOn Carrot Seeds are an exceptionally famous French superior coreless assortment delivering 6 – 8″ long thick roots directly down to the dull tip. A brilliant quality Nantes type carrot with a decent sweet flavor, ideal for packing and winter stockpiling staying sweet and delicate for a long time. Touchon carrot seeds are exceptionally simple to develop and develop right on time, in somewhere around 75 days from direct planting.

Step by step instructions to develop Touchon Carrot Seeds
Sow when the ground can be worked. Indeed, even dampness and soil temperature (18-24 degrees C) are fundamental for good germination. Plant seed 1⁄4-1⁄2 inches down. Seed requires 14-21 days to develop.

Establishing a couple of radish seeds assists with releasing the dirt and imprint the columns for these sluggish arising seeds. Slender plants to something like 1 inch separated in columns dispersed 18-24 inches separated.


TouchOn Carrot Seeds are best filled in full sun yet will endure light overshadowing. Pick profoundly worked, sans stone soil with a pH of 6.5. Chantenay types are reasonable for shallow or weighty soils. Raised beds or columns are suggested. TouchOn Carrots seeds are light to direct feeders. Try not to utilize new creature and green composts at the hour of planting. Dampness is expected for good root development.

Bothers and Diseases

Root parasites and Rust Flies can be prevented by utilizing column covers. Leaf spot and curse sicknesses (Cercospora and Altenaria) can be controlled utilizing a sulfur or copper fungicide. Aster Yellow is an illness spread by leafhoppers. Control these bugs by showering them at night with insecticidal cleanser or a pyrethrum item.

Planting Rate

Approx. 23,000/25g will seed a 100-150 foot line, 1kg of seed/section of land.

Carrot is an extremely solid and flexible vegetable. Carrot contains a.o.: vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B11 and C. Carrot additionally contains the minerals: calcium, phosphor, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, sodium and zinc. Carrots likewise contain a great deal of filaments and little calories. You can cook, steam, stew, pan sear, prepare, barbecue and meal carrots.


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