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Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder | 100g


Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder is a very sickness safe assortment of ringer pepper that is connected with the popular Bell Pepper assortment California Wonder. The 2ft smaller plants with thick foliage produce an overflow of sweet and crunchy, emerald-hued thick-walled chime peppers that full grown to a wonderful red. Open minded to tobacco-mosaic. 70-75 days.

Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder | 100...


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Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder is a very infection safe assortment of chime pepper that is connected with the renowned Bell Pepper assortment California Wonder. The 2ft minimized plants with thick foliage produce a wealth of sweet and crunchy, emerald-shaded thick-walled chime peppers that experienced to a lovely red. It is Tolerant to tobacco-mosaic. 70-75 days.

Peppers are low in calories and are stacked with great sustenance. All assortments are magnificent wellsprings of nutrients An and C, potassium, folic corrosive, and fiber. Besides, the fiery ones spice up dull food, making it really fulfilling

Days to Germination: 10-21
Ideal Soil Temp. for Germination: 65 to 70F
Days To Harvest: 70-75 days
Establishing Depth: 1/8 inch
Dividing, Seed: 1 inch

Dividing, Plant: 15-20 inches
Light: Full Sun, Warm area, Greenhouse, Conservatory
Steps to take in establishing Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder
Plant seeds 1/4″ somewhere down in 3in pots with quality seed manure. Keep damp.
Seedlings arise in 10-21 days at 65-70degrees F.

Relocate to individual compartments when seedlings have something like two sets of leaves.
At the point when 4-5 inches plant 15-20″ separated in nursery/center with root ball 1/2″ underneath the dirt surface.
Keep soggy and feed while blossoming with tomato-type manure.
Gather when natural products have arrived at standard size and full tone.


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