Boostract (Bio-Stimulant Seaweed Extract | 200mL)

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Boostract is a top rate dietary answer for vegetation which builds up the fertility of the soil and offers confident consequences in terms of yield and first-rate of produce.

The seaweed extract present in Boostract boosts lively growth and allows deter pests and illnesses on fruit, flora, vegetables, lawns, and so forth.
It consists of a wealthy array of bioactive components with high organic pastime.

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Boostract Bio Organic Fertilizer (Bio Stimulant Seaweed Extract) is an amazing healthful solution for flowers that development the fruitfulness of the dust and offers wanted brings about phrases of quantity and nature of produce. A listen supports fiery improvement and discourages nuisances and diseases on herbal products, blossoms, veggies and yards.

The Benefit Of Boostract Bio Organic Fertilizer

The bioactive combos present in Boostract are Anti-Microbial so they dissuade irritations and ailments.
It incorporates dietary supplements that upgrade fast and strong improvement.
Boostract natural manures in addition develop the dust floor, allowing it to hold water longer.
It expands the bacterial and parasitic movement in the dust.
It facilitates both complement effectiveness and natural depend substance within the dust.
It supports the dirt with natural rely that lessens reliance on artificial facts assets.
It reestablishes and maintains up with soil ripeness to support plant improvement.
Stages To Be Applied
The boostract bio natural Fertilizer enables in all tiers inside the development of the plant.
It should be carried out a long term prior to planting in mild of the truth that the herbal compost is insoluble, so it necessities to disintegrate previous to planting.

Use Of Boostract

It ought to be carried out at the outer layer of the dirt or establishing beds because maximum flora attaches aren’t many crawls to the outer layer of the dust.
The Boostract energizer have to be applied every now and then to get a really perfect outcome.
Supplement Supplied By Boostract Bio Organic Fertilizer
Boostract Organic Stimulant Fertilizer (kelp separate) includes bioactive combinations [lycopene, resveratrol, lignan, tannins, and indoles] which assist to support improvement.
It consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Application Rate:

50mls in 16 Litres of water

5 reviews for Boostract (Bio-Stimulant Seaweed Extract | 200mL)

  1. hamed (verified owner)

    “I wanted to share my experience with this product because it has been so beneficial for me. After I added fertilizer to the soil in my garden, I noticed that the plants were growing faster and better than before. I am so glad that I found this product. It has made gardening a lot easier.”

  2. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    “This is a great product that is economical, saves time, and nourishes the soil. It’s perfect for the farm.”

  3. Fechi (verified owner)

    “I have been using fertilizer for a while now, and I can really tell the difference in my plants. My tomatoes are looking really good this year. I am so happy that I started using fertilizer.”

  4. marry (verified owner)

    “I purchased Ample supply’s fertilizer for my garden. I am so glad I did because it has made my garden much more fruitful and I have been able to grow many more vegetables than before!”

  5. Dylan (verified owner)

    “I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that I couldn’t believe it when I found out how much fertilizers can do for my garden. It was easy to find the right fertilizer, and now all of the plants in my garden are beautiful and healthy.”

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