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Boostract (Bio-Stimulant Seaweed Extract | 200mL)


Boostract Bio Organic Fertilizer is the natural solution for thriving plants and bountiful harvests. Enhance soil fertility, increase yield, and improve produce quality with this powerful bio-stimulant. Safe for organic farming.


  • Increased crop yield and quality: It stimulates plant growth, leading to bigger, healthier fruits and vegetables.
  • Improved soil fertility: Enhances microbial activity, unlocking essential nutrients for optimal plant development.
  • Stress resistance: Boosts plant resilience against environmental stresses like drought and disease.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: Made from natural seaweed extract, It is safe for organic farming and promotes soil health.
Boostract Boostract (Bio-Stimulant Seawe...


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Boostract, a bio-stimulant seaweed extract available in a convenient 200mL bottle, redefines plant nutrition by harnessing the power of seaweed to enhance the growth and vitality of crops. Meticulously crafted, Boostract is derived from sustainably harvested seaweed, capturing its rich bioactive compounds and essential nutrients. This potent bio-stimulant stimulates plant metabolism, promoting nutrient uptake, root development, and overall resilience. As a versatile solution, IT can be applied throughout the crop’s life cycle, adapting to various crops and cultivation practices. Its organic composition contributes to soil health, improves stress tolerance, and boosts crop yields. With IT, farmers and gardeners can embrace a natural and effective approach to plant nutrition, fostering healthier and more productive crops.


    1. Bio-Stimulant Power: IT harnesses the bioactive compounds of seaweed to act as a powerful bio-stimulant, enhancing plant growth and vitality.
    2. Rich in Essential Nutrients: IT is provided with a wealth of essential nutrients, including trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins crucial for plant development.
    3. Stimulates Nutrient Uptake: IT stimulates plant metabolism, improving nutrient uptake from the soil, and ensuring plants receive the vital elements needed for optimal growth.
    4. Enhances Root Development: IT promotes robust root development, providing plants with a strong foundation for nutrient absorption and overall stability.
    5. Versatile Application: IT can be applied at various stages of the crop’s life cycle, adapting to different crops, soils, and cultivation practices for flexible and convenient use.
    6. Improves Soil Health: By contributing organic matter to the soil, IT enhances soil structure, microbial activity, and nutrient availability, fostering a healthier and more productive soil environment.
    7. Boosts Stress Tolerance: IT enhances the plant’s ability to withstand environmental stressors, such as drought or disease, promoting overall crop resilience.
    8. Increased Crop Yields: With improved nutrient absorption, root development, and stress tolerance, Boostract ultimately contributes to increased crop yields, maximizing agricultural productivity.

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Boostract: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Boostract?

Boostract is a bio-stimulant seaweed extract designed to enhance plant growth and vitality. It’s a natural and organic product derived from sustainably harvested seaweed.

What are the benefits of using Boostract?

  • Enhanced Growth and Vitality: Boostract stimulates plant metabolism, promoting better nutrient uptake and root development, leading to healthier and stronger plants.
  • Rich Nutrient Source: It provides essential nutrients like trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins that are crucial for plant development.
  • Improved Stress Tolerance: Boostract helps plants cope with environmental stress like drought or disease, promoting overall resilience.
  • Increased Crop Yields: By improving nutrient uptake, root development, and stress tolerance, Boostract can ultimately contribute to higher crop yields.
  • Versatile Application: Boostract can be used throughout a plant’s life cycle, adapting to various crops, soils, and cultivation practices.
  • Healthy Soil: Boostract’s organic composition contributes to improved soil health by promoting microbial activity and nutrient availability.

Is Boostract safe for organic gardening?

Yes, Boostract is an organic product derived from seaweed and is suitable for organic gardening practices.

How often should I apply Boostract?

Specific application rates and frequency may vary depending on the type of crop, soil conditions, and desired results. It’s recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for optimal use.

Can Boostract be used on all types of plants?

Boostract is a versatile product that can be used on a wide variety of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and even trees. However, it’s always a good practice to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific plant types.

What is the best way to apply Boostract?

Boostract is typically applied as a foliar spray or drench directly to the soil. Refer to the product label for specific instructions on dilution rates and application methods.


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