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ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks | CHI Brand)


We provide ISA Brown pullets, which are obtained from CHI Hatcheries. The ISA Brown is a fantastic option for commercial egg producers due to its excellent livability, quality, and output.

The ISA Brown is noted as a breed with exceptional performance that consistently produces robust and dependable results. Extensive testing with this product demonstrates that the ISA Brown can lay 500 high-quality eggs and has excellent feed conversion.
ISA Brown adjusts effectively to various climatic conditions, managerial frameworks, and housing structures. This adds up to dependable performance and a good feed conversion ratio for commercial egg producers.
A carton of 50 chicks is included in the price that is shown.
Please reserve your orders in advance.

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Advantages of Buying CHI Brand Chicks

1. Get fast results with ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks | CHI Brand), a hybrid bird breed for optimal production, health, and feed conversion.
2. Save time, money, and energy with quick maturing birds that start laying eggs earlier than other pullets.
3. Enjoy healthy birds with increased vigor and disease resistance due to the presence of many different breeds in their genes.
4. Easily identify the gender of your chickens with the sex-linked coloring feature of these pullets.
5. Receive superior genetics from our commercial day-old chicks for consistent and maximum efficiency in egg production.

ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks | CHI Brand) ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial ...


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The ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks | CHI Brand) are hybrid birds with sex-linked coloring with genes from many different breeds. They were created by the Institut de Selection Animale (ISA) with a focus on improving balanced performance and egg production that has a sturdy, high-quality shell.

This breed has been demonstrated over the world and is well known for:

Its superior feed conversion ratio and large feed intake capacity.
Outstanding massive egg output, with superior eggs.
Able to work with different housing and management systems.
As a result, it is among the top breeds of laying birds offered on the Nigerian market.
The ISA Brown pullets were primarily bred as battery birds (perform better in battery cages). Still, thanks to their adaptability, they can also survive in deep Litter and free-range living arrangements.

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