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Miniature power foliar applied compost is an extremely viable products of the soil enhancer for plants. It has as its constituents amino corrosive and minor components. It comes in fluid structure.

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Miniature power manure is a natural complex of minor components comprised of kelp separate, humic corrosive and fulvic corrosive mixed with Bio-energizer and vegetable obtained Amino acids. It expands the take-up of fundamental minor components from the dirt, animate the breath pace of seedlings which prompts speedier germination and quicker shoot development. This item is very much certificated.

Miniature power is viable with all kind of bug sprays, fungicides, herbicides and PGR items. Crops reasonable for this item incorporate paddy, wheat, maize, oilseeds, potato, beats, vegetables, products of the soil. Showering on the leaves further develops chlorophyll content in the plant, improves photosynthesis and increments 20-25% of more excellent harvest yield. Because of the superior chlorophyll content and upgraded photosynthesis, the plant seems rich green. While showering, guarantee the leaves are soaked appropriately.

Details of the Micro Force Fertilizer
Portion And Application: 1 to 1.5ml/Lit water. Rehash 2-3 application like clockwork hole for improved results
Bundling: 250ml
Structure: Liquid
Timeframe of realistic usability: 2 Years
Capacity Cool and Dry Place
Utilizations of Micro Force Fertilizer
Miniature power upgrades bloom and natural product setting.
It increments greater harvest yield.
It is viable with synthetic compost, bug spray, fungicide and herbicide.
Miniature power is an eco-accommodating item.
Helps in opposing dry season.
Increment root breath and animates the development of helpful microorganism in soil.


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