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Portable Electronic Scale | HS-A09L | Max 50kg


Portable Electronic Scale is reasonable for ranch use, family, shopping, open-air exercises. 50kg limit Hanging Scale type Its model is HS-A09L It has a 10g exactness

Portable Electronic Scale Portable Electronic Scale | HS...


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Portable Electronic Scales are ideal to buy if your de-padding machine is utilized consistently or as a This versatile electronic scale is a lightweight and smaller electronic draping scale with a 50kg limit – an ideal new age accuracy gauging device. Portable Electronic Scale has a precision of 10g. It is particularly appropriate for family, shopping, and outside exercises. It utilizes a huge LCD with backdrop illumination. It has a functioning voltage of 2.4-3.5V (2 AAA batteries. The functioning current when the backdrop illumination is on is 1< or = 10mA and when the backdrop illumination is off it becomes 1 < or = 5mA. This versatile electronic scale has a working temperature of 10-40 degrees Celsius.

A portion of its components are

100cm elastic

Greater buttons

Backdrop illumination

AAA battery-2pcs


It is portrayed by

High accuracy

Advanced screen

Appropriate for open-air use

Shrewd plan

Super screening portrayal

Greater volume

Very versatile, reasonable to convey

Particulars of this compact electronic scale

Force Supply:2 x AAA batteries

Working Current: backdrop illumination on ≤10mA, backdrop illumination off ≤5mA

Working Temperature: 10-40 degrees


Material: Plastic

Size: 113mm x 58mm x 24mm

Alerts to note when utilizing this versatile electronic scale

The upward situation of the scale needed for turn-on or working

Try not to hold the ring or put help on the ring to gauge. It can harm the scale

Stay away from any solid shock or vibration while working

At the point when the screen shows up with the sign “LO” it implies the batteries are depleted, do well to supplant the batteries

At the point when the load on the snare is over the reach, it will show “O_ld, this demonstrates over-burden. Guarantee you eliminate the products expeditiously so as not to harm the scale.

part, close by a new culling machine.


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