Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds


Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds are the perfect choice for home growers who want to enjoy fresh, delicious pawpaw fruit without the need for a large orchard. These premium seeds produce vigorous plants with excellent fruit-setting ability and sturdy stems, making them ideal for small spaces.

Benefits of Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds:

  • Large, Sweet, and Deep Red Fruits: Enjoy the unique flavor and sweetness of Red Royale pawpaws, known for their thick flesh and vibrant color.
  • Easy to Grow: Dwarf plants require minimal maintenance and reach a manageable size, making them perfect for container gardening or small plots.
  • Disease Resistant: F1 hybrid seeds offer strong resistance to common pawpaw diseases, including the Ring Spot virus, ensuring healthy and productive plants.
  • Fast Germination and Growth: Red Royale seeds germinate quickly and grow vigorously, allowing you to enjoy fruit harvests sooner.
  • Compact Size: Perfect for small gardens and patios, reaching a mature height of around 6-8 feet.
  • High Yield: Produce a bountiful harvest of delicious fruit each season.
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Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds are a premium selection of seeds developed for home growers and small-scale farmers. These seeds produce vigorous plants that reach a mature height of 6-8 feet, making them perfect for container gardening and small plots. The F1 hybrid technology ensures strong resistance to common pawpaw diseases, including the Ring Spot virus, resulting in healthy and productive plants.

Red Royale pawpaws are renowned for their exceptional flavor and sweetness. The fruit boasts vibrant red flesh, thick and creamy in texture, with a unique and delicious taste. Each plant can yield a bountiful harvest of fruit each season, providing you with a fresh and healthy snack or ingredient for recipes.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting, Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds are a fantastic option for growing your pawpaw fruit. With their high yield, disease resistance, and compact size, these seeds offer a rewarding and enjoyable experience for anyone interested in cultivating this unique and flavorful fruit.


  • Home Garden: Cultivate healthy and delicious pawpaw fruit at home.
  • Commercial Farming: Ideal for large-scale production due to their high yield and disease resistance.
  • Landscaping: Add beauty and interest to your landscape with the unique foliage and fruit of pawpaw trees.


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