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Royasate Herbicide (Glyphosate ISA 46 SL)


Royasate (Glyphosate ISA 46 SL) by royagric is a fluid non-particular, foundational herbicide for the control of weeds. It actually controls yearly weeds, perpetual grasses, broadleaf weeds, amphibian weeds, and bushes. Royasate is applied straightforwardly to the foliage of the plant where it is moved all through the plant. It leaves no remaining impact on the dirt since it is inactivated upon contact with soil.

Royasate Herbicide Royasate Herbicide (Glyphosate...


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Royasate Herbicide

Royasate Herbicide/Glyphosate ISA 46 SL by Royagric, is a non-specific and foundational herbicide for the control of Weeds. It successfully controls yearly weeds, lasting grasses, broadleaf weeds, amphibian weeds, and bushes. Royasate is applied to the foliage of the plant where it is moved all through the plant. It leaves no leftover impact on the dirt since it is inactivated upon contact with soil.

Dynamic Ingredient
Isopropylamine salt of solvent fluid.
Benefits Of Royasate Herbicide
Quicker recognition and manifestations.Absolute long-haul weed control rate.
Greater congruity in a more extensive assortment of ecological circumstances.
Less bundling, stockpiling, and waste than for different sorts of herbicides.
Side effects become quicker permitting a decrease in the development stretches.
Royasate is viable with a wide assortment of different items.
Bearing for Use Royasate Herbicide/Glyphosate ISA 46 SL

Apply the item to dynamic developing weeds.
Try not to apply the item assuming that the downpour compromises within 4-6 hours.
To control trees and bushes apply items to cut stumps with a paintbrush newly.
Shower at a low strain to give uniform and normal drops on the objective weeds
Apply at the pace of 6L/Ha.
Insurances For The Use of Royasate Herbicide
Try not to utilize the item when it is blustery, as it can float to local plants.
Wear clothing that covers arms and legs.
Use goggles, gloves, and a facial covering to restrict openness.
Try not to contact the item or plants wet with it.
Continuously wash up after blending or showering glyphosate.

Royasate Herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Royasate Herbicide?

Royasate Herbicide is a non-selective herbicide containing glyphosate as its active ingredient. It effectively controls a wide range of weeds, including annual weeds, perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, aquatic weeds, and even bushes.

How does Royasate Herbicide work?

Royasate Herbicide is a systemic herbicide, meaning it’s absorbed by the foliage and transported throughout the entire plant. This disrupts the plant’s growth processes, leading to its death.

What are the benefits of using Royasate Herbicide?

  • Fast-acting: You’ll see visible results on weeds relatively quickly after application.
  • Long-lasting control: Royasate provides long-term weed control, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Adaptable: It can be used in various environmental conditions.
  • Convenient: Requires less mixing and generates less waste compared to some other herbicides.
  • Reduced application time: Quicker weed control allows for shorter periods between planting and crop growth.
  • Compatible: Royasate can be mixed with a variety of other herbicides for broader weed control.

How do I use Royasate Herbicide?

  • Application timing: Apply the product to actively growing weeds. Avoid application if rain is expected within 4-6 hours.
  • Target application: For controlling trees and bushes, apply the product directly to freshly cut stumps using a paintbrush.
  • Spraying: Apply Royasate using a low-pressure sprayer to ensure uniform and consistent droplets reach the target weeds.
  • Dosage: The recommended application rate is 6 liters per hectare (L/Ha).

What safety precautions should I take when using Royasate Herbicide?

  • Avoid windy conditions: Do not apply when it’s windy, as the herbicide can drift and affect nearby desirable plants.
  • Wear protective clothing: Wear long-sleeved clothing, pants, gloves, goggles, and a face mask when handling and applying Royasate.
  • Avoid contact: Minimize contact with the product or plants wet with the herbicide.
  • Wash thoroughly: Always wash your hands and exposed skin with soap and water after mixing, handling, or applying Royasate.

Are there any weeds resistant to Royasate Herbicide?

Overuse of glyphosate-based herbicides can lead to the development of resistant weed populations. It’s crucial to practice herbicide rotation and integrated weed management strategies to prevent resistance.


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