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Multi K Absolute Fertilizer

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Multi K Absolute Fertilizer is a premium agricultural solution, that provides a concentrated and pure source of potassium nitrate. With unparalleled purity, this fertilizer ensures optimal nutrient absorption for robust and healthy crop growth. Its balanced formula and high solubility contribute to improved yield and production quality. Versatile across crops and cultivation practices, Multi K Absolute Fertilizer is a cornerstone for modern agriculture, promoting excellence in productivity and resilience.

The advantages of Multi K absolute fertilizer for agriculture
complete use of the fertilizer inputs.
Almost all other types of fertilizers and agrochemicals can be used with this fertilizer.
Due to the nitrate in Multi, chloride uptake by the plant is reduced.
The nitrate in Multi K absolute reduces the plant’s ability to absorb chloride.

Multi K Absolute Fertilizer Multi K Absolute Fertilizer

Original price was: ₦131,250.00.Current price is: ₦102,000.00.

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Multi K Absolute Fertilizer

Multi K Absolute Fertilizer, a premium agricultural solution, stands out as a powerhouse in plant nutrition, offering a concentrated and pure source of potassium nitrate. Meticulously formulated to meet the exacting needs of crops, this fertilizer is a testament to cutting-edge agronomic science. The primary component, potassium nitrate, is an essential macronutrient crucial for various physiological processes within plants, playing a pivotal role in flowering, fruit development, and overall stress tolerance.

One of the standout features of Multi K Absolute Fertilizer is its unparalleled purity. With an exceptionally high potassium nitrate content, this fertilizer ensures that plants receive a precise and concentrated dose of the essential nutrients they require for optimal growth and development. The absence of impurities and contaminants guarantees that plants can fully absorb and utilize the nutrients, promoting robust and healthy crops.

Benefits and Functions/Usefulness:

  1. Unmatched Purity: Multi K Absolute Fertilizer boasts an unparalleled level of purity, ensuring that plants receive a highly concentrated and uncontaminated source of potassium nitrate.
  2. Optimal Nutrient Absorption: The balanced formula of Multi K Absolute Fertilizer facilitates enhanced nutrient uptake by plants, promoting overall growth, development, and vitality.
  3. High Solubility: The fertilizer’s high solubility ensures rapid and efficient absorption by plants, making it suitable for both foliar and soil applications. This feature accelerates nutrient delivery, fostering quick and visible results.
  4. Improved Yield: The strategic combination of potassium and nitrate in this fertilizer contributes to increased crop yield, making it an indispensable tool for farmers seeking to maximize their harvests.
  5. Enhanced Produce Quality: Beyond quantity, Multi K Absolute Fertilizer focuses on quality. Crops treated with this fertilizer exhibit improved taste, color, and nutritional value, meeting consumer demands for premium agricultural produce.
  6. Versatility Across Crops: Multi K Absolute Fertilizer adapts seamlessly to various crops, including fruits, vegetables, and cash crops. Its versatile nature makes it a go-to choice for farmers engaged in diverse agricultural practices.
  7. Adaptability to Different Environments: Regardless of soil types, climates, or cultivation methods, Multi K Absolute Fertilizer remains effective. Its adaptability ensures consistent results across different agricultural settings.
  8. Stress Tolerance: The presence of potassium nitrate enhances the stress tolerance of plants, making them more resilient to environmental challenges such as drought or disease.Poly-Feed™ 15-30-15+ME | Haifa Group



For all crops (tomato, tobacco, vine, and melon) where potassium and nitrogen nutrition in the proper ratio (1:3,4) are crucial during the production yielding phase. The usual dose is 1 kg/mc, however, depending on the culture’s phenological phase, greater doses may be used.
Foliar: It is superior to other potassium nitrates for foliar interventions due to its purity and concentration. The typical dose is between 0.5 and 1 kg/hl. This medication can also be used to support complete and robust growth and to prevent or treat potassium shortages.

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Multi K Absolute Fertilizer: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Multi K Absolute Fertilizer?

Multi K Absolute Fertilizer is a concentrated source of potassium nitrate designed to provide plants with essential nutrients for optimal growth and development.

What are the benefits of using Multi K Absolute Fertilizer?

  • Unmatched Purity: Ensures plants receive a concentrated and contaminant-free dose of nutrients.
  • Optimal Nutrient Absorption: Promotes efficient uptake of nutrients by plants.
  • High Solubility: Allows for rapid and effective absorption through both soil and foliar applications.
  • Improved Yield: Contributes to increased crop yield and harvest size.
  • Enhanced Produce Quality: Improves the taste, color, and nutritional value of crops.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and cash crops.
  • Adaptability: Effective across various soil types, climates, and cultivation methods.
  • Stress Tolerance: Enhances plant resilience to environmental challenges like drought or disease.

What types of crops can benefit from Multi K Absolute Fertilizer?

This fertilizer is beneficial for a variety of crops, including tomatoes, tobacco, vines, melons, fruits, vegetables, and cash crops.

How is Multi K Absolute Fertilizer applied?

  • Fertilization: Applied to the soil for crops requiring proper potassium and nitrogen balance (1:3.4 ratio) during the fruiting/yielding phase. The usual dosage is 1 kg/mc (cubic meter), but it can be adjusted based on the crop development stage.
  • Foliar Application: Due to its purity and concentration, it’s ideal for foliar feeding (spraying directly on leaves). The typical dosage is 0.5-1 kg/hl (hectoliter). This method can be used to address potassium deficiencies or promote healthy, robust growth.

Is Multi K Absolute Fertilizer safe for organic farming?

While Multi K Absolute Fertilizer is a naturally occurring compound (potassium nitrate), its suitability for certified organic farming depends on specific regulations set by the certifying body. It’s recommended to check with your organic certification agency for their specific guidelines on the use of potassium nitrate fertilizers.

Are there any disadvantages to using Multi K Absolute Fertilizer?

Overapplication of any fertilizer can be detrimental. It’s crucial to follow the recommended dosage based on specific crop needs and soil conditions to avoid potential issues like nutrient imbalances or salt buildup in the soil.



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