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Big solar is a hot pepper seed produced by means of technisem organization with full of life, dark inexperienced foliage plant. It is suitable for open discipline. Its warm, aromatic flavor and regularity healthy high fine demand in markets.


Package length: 5g

Type: Open Field
Average Weight: 18 gr (zero.Sixty five oz.)
Fruit Colour: Yellow
Maturity Days: 90 days from transplanting
Resistance: Tobacco mosaic virus

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Big Sun Hot Pepper Seeds:

Big sun is a hot pepper seed with appealing culmination in phrases of shape and colour which make it your first-class preference in yellow scotch bonnet kind.

This is a chinese language warm pepper that offers higher outcomes for the duration of the recent season. Its warm, fragrant flavor and regularity suit excessive best call for in markets.

They need vital brightness and excessive temperatures. Its developing is stopped below 15°C and the fruit setting is highest quality among 25°C to 35°C.

Characteristics Of Big Sun Hot Pepper Seeds
Vigorous with darkish green foliage
Suitable for cropping in open subject
Grows 70-ninety five cm tall (271/2 – 371/2 inches)
Globular and wrinkled form fruit
Size: 6.Five x five.Five cm (21/2 x 21/4 inches)
Average weight 18 gr (zero.65 ounces)
Medium green turning to heat yellow at complete maturity
Very warm and aromatic
Matures ninety days from transplanting to first harvest
Resistance: Tobacco mosaic virus

Benefits Of Hot Pepper
Benefits the Digestive Tract
Promotes a Healthy Heart
Mitigates Migraines
Relieves Joint Pain
Improves Metabolism
Quells Psoriasis
Reduces Cancer Risk
Fights the Flu, Colds and Fungal Infections
Prevents Bad Breath
Prevents Allergies
Growing Hot Pepper From Seeds
Soak the hot pepper seeds in warm water in a single day.
Water trays full of seed starting blend well, then set the trays aside to drain until the mixture is moist but no longer soggy.
Sprinkle seeds over the floor of the moist seed starting blend.
Cover the tray with clear plastic or right into a white plastic rubbish bag. Germinating warm pepper seeds calls for warm temperature.
The plastic will hold the surroundings heat and moist, however make sure to water or mist gently if the seed starting mix feels dry.
Check the trays frequently. Remove the plastic as quickly as the seeds germinate.
Place the trays below fluorescent bulbs or develop lighting.
The seedlings need at least six hours of sunlight according to day.
Use scissors to cut the weakest seedlings in every mobile, leaving the most powerful, sturdiest seedling.
Place a fan close to the seedlings, as a consistent breeze will sell stronger stems.
You also can open a window if the air isn’t too cold.
Transplant the seedlings to 3- to 4-inch pots full of regular potting blend after they’re large sufficient to deal with.
Continue growing the recent pepper plants interior till they’re massive enough to transplant, hardening them off ahead.

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  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    “I have been using this pesticide for years and I have never regretted it. This product has a great deal of power, but it also has low toxicity levels. It’s great because the pest doesn’t get to you first.”

  2. Samuel (verified owner)

    ” Malathion is a highly effective pesticide that I use at my farm. The results are excellent with this product, and the shopping process was quite easy and well-addressed.”

  3. Edward (verified owner)

    “I have always hated bugs and how they would always mess with my garden. I found out about pesticide from a friend and it turned my life around. My garden is now “bug-free.”

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