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We offer Bio-Care Plus which is probably the best multivitamin for domesticated animals creation.

Bio-Care Plus Liquid Vitamins and Antibiotics is a blend of oxytetracycline and nutrients A, D3, E, B6, K3, methionine, lysine.

It lessens domesticated animals mortality by eliminating pressure by going about as a top notch hostile to push.

This item is for veterinary utilize as it were.

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Bio-Care Plus

Bio-Care Plus is perhaps the best multivitamin for animals creation. It is a mix of oxytetracycline and nutrients A, D3, E, B6, K3, methionine, lysine as a fluid feed supplement.

It diminishes animals mortality by eliminating pressure by going about as an exceptional enemy of stress.

Creatures go through a few conditions during for what seems like forever and these circumstances might cause a few kinds of stresses which might be inoculation stress, transportation stress, illness trouble, and so on

Just the eating regimen gave to livestock isn’t sufficient for their development and creation. Thus, ranchers need to consistently uphold animals’ feeds with supplements like Bio-Care Plus.

Bio-Care Plus: Composition

Oxytetracycline: 90g

Nutrient: 30mg

Nutrient B2: 30mg

Lysine: 90g

Nutrient: 30mg

Nutrient ED3: 30mg

Methionine: 90g

Nutrient B6: 30mg

Nutrient K3: 30mg


Bio-Care Plus is a domesticated animals water-solvent blend of oxytetracycline and nutrients deliberately formed for the treatment of nutrient insufficiencies in livestock.

It is additionally shown for egg creation in poultry, animals body weight and bacterial contaminations.

Dose and organization

Poultry/bunny: 3ml per liter of drinking water

Cow/sheep/goat: 20ml per 50kg bodyweight in drinking water for 5 days or more (sequentially)

Bio-Care Plus: Product benefits

Nutrient An is fat-solvent needed for great vision and for egg advancement in poultry.

Nutrient D3 is needed to expand calcium and phosphorus levels of plasma for bone arrangement and strength.

Nutrient E is fat-dissolvable needed for solid turn of events.

The water-dissolvable B complex nutrients are needed for generally development, unsaturated fat creation, digestion of fats and amino acids, and so forth

It goes about as development advertisers, expands the development rate

It goes about as against pressure

Increment body weight and development in ovens

Battles bacterial contaminations and dismalness


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