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We offer Haifa Bonus which is a high potassium foliar fertilizer widely used by farmers for optimal productivity and revenue.

  • It is a water-soluble fertilizer containing 15% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, and 33% potassium.
  • The product is free of harmful compounds such as chloride, sodium, perchlorate, excessive sulfate, etc. that can jeopardize plant growth.
  • Haifa Bonus contains a specially developed adjuvant for better adhesion to the leaf surface, improved absorption, and prolonged action.
  • The product comes in 1kg sachets and it is available for nationwide delivery.
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Haifa Bonus
Haifa Bonus is an progressive and efficient high potassium foliar formula used diversely by farmers to satisfy the dietary necessities in their vegetation. It is a water-soluble fertilizer containing 15% nitrogen, eight% phosphorus, and 33% potassium.

Foliar utility of potassic fertilizers (like Haifa Bonus) is a common practice to increase yields and for the improvement of the yield of fruit timber and different crops.
Haifa Bonus was particularly developed to furnish your plants with complete benefits of foliar nutrients. They are formulated to remain at the leaves and nourish the flowers over the years. The producers have integrated a technology that optimizes the adhesion of the fertilizer to the leaf surface for improvement of absorption.
In order to supply flowers with an adequate dose of foliar-applied potassium, repeated sprays are required.
Haifa Bonus is a foliar fertilizer advanced to enable spraying of exceedingly concentrated answer which reduces the number of applications needed and with out sizzling of the foliage.

Advantages of Haifa Bonus Foliar fertilizer
It consists of pure, absolutely-soluble vitamins handiest.
The product is free of dangerous compounds which include chloride, sodium, perchlorate, excessive sulfate, and so forth. Which can jeopardize plant increase.
It is likewise suitable for tank blending (and fertigation) with a massive sort of pesticides and other agrochemicals.
It carries a in particular developed adjuvant for better adhesion to the leaf floor, progressed absorption, and extended action.

Importance of potassium nitrate to plant life
Haifa Bonus formulas are primarily based on Haifa’s Multi-K potassium nitrate technology. Plants absorb both the potassium and the nitrate in potassium nitrate-primarily based fertilizers hastily, in a balanced way.

The similar uptake costs of these two ions improve the movement of both potassium and nitrogen within the plant, for that reason enhancing plant nutrition.
Potassium nitrate is freed from chloride, sodium, and every other elements which can be adverse to vegetation.
The nitrogen and potassium contents of potassium nitrate fertilizers guide harvest first-class, protein formula, water-use efficiency, and disorder resistance.


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