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The Betta fish, normally alluded to as Siamese battling fish (siamese warrior), is one of the most famous fish breeds bought by maturing freshwater fish specialists.

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The Betta fish, normally alluded to as Siamese battling fish (siamese warrior), is one of the most famous fish breeds bought by maturing freshwater fish specialists.

The Siamese contenders require more space than one may anticipate. Accordingly, it is relied upon to be housed in an enormous aquarium to characterize for space.

Least request is 20 pieces

The normal age is 16 to 17 weeks

The Siamese Fighter

The Siamese battling fish (Betta splendens), otherwise called the betta, is a well known fish in the aquarium exchange. Bettas are an individual from the gourami family and are known to be profoundly regional. Guys, specifically, are inclined to undeniable degrees of animosity and will assault one another whenever housed in a similar tank. In case there is no method for get out, this will ordinarily bring about the demise of either of the fish. Female bettas can likewise become regional towards one another in case they are housed in too little an aquarium. It is ordinarily not prescribed to keep male and female bettas together, aside from briefly for reproducing purposes which ought to consistently be embraced with alert.


B. splendens are known for their splendid shadings (just as normal shades of dull green, brown and dark) and huge, streaming balances. In the wild, they display solid tones just when fomented. In imprisonment, they have been specifically reproduced to show a lively cluster of shadings and tail types.

They are normally insectivores and don’t regularly or normally devour vegetation, in any case, they might burn-through the food of other tank mates if accessible, even vegetable matter.

Betta species lean toward a water temperature of around 75–82 °F (24–28 °C) however have been believed to endure briefly at the limits of 56 °F (13 °C) or 95 °F (35 °C). At the point when kept in colder environments, aquarium radiators are suggested.

Bettas are additionally impacted by the pH levels of the water. Ideal levels for Bettas would be at a nonpartisan pH (7.0)

Appropriately kept and took care of a right eating routine, Siamese battling fish commonly live somewhere in the range of 3 and 5 years in bondage.

Aquarium size

The proper tank size is straightforwardly identified with how encountered the fish attendant is, and how frequently they need to do water changes, to keep the water clean. Bettas have a maze organ which empowers them to make due in territories of low oxygen limit.

Suggested aquarium sizes are 9-19 liters. Nonetheless, more modest aquarium sizes are great in case cleanliness is made central.

Bettas can live together with fish that are bottom dwellers, in any case, it isn’t encouraged to keep them with feeders that might eat their balances or obliterate the ooze coat.

Extra credits

Size 3 inches (7 cm)

Social Males can’t be kept together

Lifespan 2–3 years

Tank Level Top inhabitant


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